Coconut the Fat Burner

Coconut the Fat Burner

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Chapter 1 – Coconut oil and your hair

Coconut oil has long been regarded as one of the best hair conditioning natural health products in the natural world.

Many people worldwide use coconut oil as their sole hair conditioning product as it is relatively cheap and gives remarkable results.

The benefits of coconut oil for your hair are numerous. Coconut oil helps keep your hair fully moisturised, it promotes full growth and creates strong hair whilst keeping the

scalp free from flakes. Its main benefit comes from increasing the protein retention in your hair – allowing for fuller and stronger growth.

Whilst many companies use tiny amounts of virgin coconut oil in their high end products a lot of people are now turning to pure virgin coconut oil for the benefits it brings.

The key benefits of using coconut oil or even coconut oil cream in your hair can be exposed by looking at the chemical properties of coconut oil. Often people proscribe coconut

oil as a remedy for hair loss - or at least to slow the onset of hairless and we can soon see why.

Lauric acid

Lauric acid is found primarily in the oil produced from coconuts. One of the primary causes of hair loss and recession of the hair line is the action of microbes on the scalp and

at the base of the follicles.

Lauric acid acts as an anti-microbial oil that prevents the build-up of damaging microbes thus preventing hair loss and stimulating fresh strong growth.


This means that not only is coconut oil great for your hair but it can also prevent the loss of hair if used regularly.


Capric acid

Virgin coconut oil contains a high yield of not only Lauric acid but Capric acid as well. Capric acid is another anti-microbe that works in a similar way to Lauric acid. It tackles

microbes at the source preventing further spread and loss of hair whilst stimulating new hair growth.

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