Breath Watching

Breath Watching

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It has been proved that the root of everything is energy. It may
lead to a higher divine inter vention or a scientific approach of
physics but it won’t change the fact that energy has its own source.
Buying that fact that there is the source of this energy, study
shows that most of our lives, we focus on things that are
outwardly.  By this, a question needs to be answered  –  How do we
realign ourselves in order for us to put attention on that energy?
The only thing in the world being done to accomplish such is
through meditation.  Stilling the mind and calming the body. In
this area, the focus is not to meditate just to reach some
enlightenment  or a spiritual idea that you can attain, it’s a
meditation to drive your attention in your inner expression rather
than allowing your focus to continually chase outward objects.
Breath watching method is a very  powerful technique and can be
done at any given time and place.  This method only provides a
simple exercise through carefully observing your breath. You can
do this by just sitting still and watching how you breathe. This can
be done through hours, leading  you to a deeper state rather than
leading you to see emptiness. Placing  your mind in a state of
neutrality  that gives you  the capability to experience your outer
life and your inner one as well. An excellent tip for expanding your
awareness is through breathing. The more we watch  you  breathe
naturally and manipulatively, the more  you mind slows down and
your body  starts to calm down. Harmoniously, as you  watch your
breath, your mind enters the state of being still and only giving
full attention to breathing and non else.  In order to reach this is
that, you need to consider different breathing patters and not to
be able to do things or hear sounds that may interfere with you as
you observe your breathing.  All you have to do is witness how you
breathe  over and over again and try it to be more usual  and as
normal as possible.

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